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Event Details

Beginner 6pm- Learn how to dance Bachata from scratch or practice your basics! Learn how to dance with and without a partner. This class will leave you feeling confident that you know how to dance Bachata. If you have never danced before, need to practice or need a refresher, this is the class for you!

[Beginner Level 1-2]


Intermediate 7pm- Practice the moves you know and learn more at a more advanced pace. We will learn a bit of musicality, footwork and partner work. Feel free to show off a bit as we add more techniques to our dancing. If you know how to dance pretty well, want to practice or add more moves, this is the class for you!

[Beginner Level 3- Intermediate Level 2]


Attire: workout clothes or comfortable clothes


Shoes: Dance shoes preferred! Low heels, flats, and non-rubber soles highly recommended.

Flip flops NOT recommended

Rubber soles NOT recommended


Need dance shoes? Check out Very Fine brand, Fuego or Burju Shoes


$15+tax w/ card $15 cash at the door; Full month discount: Purchase using link

Venue Information

Art of Yoga
4924 Armour Road
Columbus, GA 31904

Organizer Information

Baila MO

(706) 668-4422

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