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Do you see huge opportunities in front of you? So big you have to pinch yourself to be sure you aren't dreaming? You know real estate is the vessel to change your family's future and you've had initial success but are now wondering how you win in a new market?

You know it and I know it. The market is not shifting, the market has shifted. So you must ask yourself, if the market has changed, have you changed as well?

The only agents that survive a changing market are those that are planned and prepared to progress and we want YOU to be one of them.

  • Plan by increasing your knowledge.
  • Prepare by improving your strategies.
  • Progress by upleveling your community.

This is how you win and win BIG in a new market and we're bringing all the knowledge and strategies to the stage so you are not scared of a shifted market but poised and positioned to seize the shift.

This is a custom tailored retreat for the successful agent to help you create more impact and income in less time.

Fun fact: the last recession saw a 17% increase in the number of millionaires.

Will you be one of them?

We hope so and know that Agent to CEO has proven methods to help you get there. We're opening the playbook to ours.

The purpose of business is to fund a life worth living. A life that is YOURS for the making.

Constantly worrying about where your next deal is coming from or what you're going to do inside a shifting market or working around the clock to prospect and then service transactions is no way to live.

We help you learn how to prospect in less time, create systems for servicing multiple transactions at once, so you have more time to create new revenue streams, which not only insulates you against any market shift but positions you to WIN BIG.

Combining our years in the industry and our specific specialties, Agent to CEO Retreat has all the tools you need to go from struggling with sticky notes and constant panic over sporadic paychecks to streamlined systems, pipelines full of your ideal client and sleep filled nights. Yes, even in this market.

Before the retreat starts, your homework begins. Because you don't have a second to lose. You'll come into the retreat with a full business diagnostics already done, so you can quickly identify which systems you need to plug in to your business.

Because this is an intimate retreat (only 50 seats!) the ideas and relationships are abundant and long lasting.





A full day immersive retreat for the CEO Agent; 9am-11:30am; 1:30pm-5pm

Cocktail reception to follow sponsored by Jake Wallace- GSHW&M; 5pm-7pm

Venue Information

Green Island Country Club
6501 Standing Boy Road
Columbus, GA 31904

Organizer Information

Kennedy Real Estate Team

6657 Standing Boy Road
Columbus, GA 31904
(706) 761-7671

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